Pretty nifty cover painting for the Universal Horror video cover series.

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Elie Saab at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015

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Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock (1979)

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#vintage #outfit #menswear #gentleman #suit #clothing #ruggedandrefined


#vintage #outfit #menswear #gentleman #suit #clothing #ruggedandrefined

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Neil Patrick Harris will host the Oscars this year. 

Did you hear Monday’s interview with him? 

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Sometimes our crassest jokes reveal our hidden anxieties, while other times we create beautiful rituals surrounding that which we fear. It’s human nature to make light of death in order to not be consumed by the often incomprehensible idea of mortality. Examining a spectrum of responses to this difficult subject, Seattle gallery Roq La Rue recently collaborated with The Piranha Shop for a touring exhibition, “Boxes of Death.” Featuring well-known artists from the Pop Surrealist and low brow currents — like Camille Rose Garcia, Isabel Samaras and Casey Weldon — the show hit stops in LA, Portland and San Francisco and will be exhibited in Seattle for one night only at The Piranha Shop tomorrow, October 17. Read more on Hi-Fructose.

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